Call for Abstracts

The Abstract submission process is now closed.

Conference Theme

The Global IPLC 2019 theme “Moving Forward Together” reflects the importance of bringing individuals from multiple sectors together to learn how to support the physical literacy journey of all. By developing physical literacy across the life course, individuals empower themselves to be better at work, physical activities and sport, have better mental health and happiness, and better engage with their community. It is important that each sector plays a role in ensuring everyone has the opportunity to move forward on their physical literacy journey.

Conference Streams

IPLC will feature keynotes speakers, individual presentations, panel sessions, active workshops and interactive breaks. The streams to consider when submitting a presentation include:

Physical Literacy as a Fundamental Human Right:

  • International policy
  • International best practice
  • International advocacy
  • International collaboration activities

Physical Literacy Across the Life-Course:

  • Parents and Caregivers
  • Early Childhood
  • Adolescence
  • Older Adults
  • Employment and Vocation

Physical Literacy for Health:

  • Strengths-Based Approaches
  • Public Health
  • Disease Etiology
  • Fitness

Physical Literacy – Strive to Inclusivity:

  • Gender Inclusivity
  • Indigenous and Cultural Inclusion
  • New Migrants/Displaced Peoples
  • Disability Inclusion

Communities and Schools from a Physical Literacy Perspective:

  • Physical Education Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Physical Literacy over the Whole School Day (Recess, Extra/Co-Curricular – Before and After School)
  • Active Transport and Environments
  • Physical Literacy for Communities (Supporting through Cross-Sectoral Collaboration)

Physical Literacy – A Pursuit for Lifelong Adventure:

  • Adventure Education/Outdoor Recreation
  • Aquatics
  • Risky Play
  • Structure/Unstructured Play Contexts (Designing Spaces for the 21st Century)

Presentation Format Descriptions

Quality Physical Literacy Experiences (QPLE) Workshop – This is a 90-minute active workshop on existing quality physical literacy programs that have been developed and researched.

Mini Individual Presentation – This is a mini individual presentation with up to a maximum of two presenters. A mini individual presentation will last 30 minutes with 5 minutes for Question and Answers.

Individual Presentation – This is an individual presentation with up to a maximum of two presenters. An individual presentation will last 50 minutes with 10 minutes for Question and Answers.

Panel Sessions – Panel presentations are a group presentation with a moderator and up to 3 additional presenters. Panel presentations will be between 60 – 90 minutes in length.

Poster Submission – Posters have the space of 4’x4′ and poster presenters are expected to be at their poster during the meal breaks and the social reception to explain their poster and answer any questions.


  • Please include contact info and bio for each of the presenter(s).
  • Please note we will provide a projector, screen, sound system, and a microphone. All other items must be supplied by the presenter. Active workshop sessions will not have access to any AV, please bring your own if you require it.
  • For all active sessions, presenters are required to bring their own equipment.

General info:

Confirmations of accepted presentations are issued via email within 6 weeks of the submission closing date. Institutional email filters may result in emails not being delivered. If you have not received a confirmation email from us by this time, please cendrine@podiumconferences.com